Chocolate Talks

Chocolate tasting squares, cocoa beans, cocoa nibs, Aztec Spice sipping chocolate and molinilloLearn all about the world of chocolate, from its ancient origins as a hot, spicy drink to the present day making of chocolate from bean to bar.  Throughout the talk there are various samples to try, such as our Aztec Spice sipping chocolate, cocoa beans and cocoa nibs.  We end with a short practical session where you learn how to properly taste chocolate using all your senses, with everyone receiving two chocolate samples to work through the tasting process.  Contact us to have a chat about how we can help you and your group learn more about chocolate.


Chocolate Tastings

We’ll tell you all about chocolate and how so many different factors can affect the final flavour.  You’ll be taught how to properly taste chocolate using all your senses.  Then with your new skills you’ll taste several different types of chocolate.  Various themed tasting options are available, so do contact us to have a chat about what you’d like.


Chocolate Demonstrations

We’ll pass on our expert knowledge to you of chocolatiering techniques so you can have some fun at home creating your very own chocolate treats.  Our most popular demonstration is making fresh cream truffles – perfect for customising at home with your favourite flavours.  Please contact us if you’d like us to do a chocolatier’s demonstration to your group.