Where do we make our chocolates?

One of the questions we’re often asked is where do we make our chocolates?  Well, here at Butterflies Chocolates we’re lucky enough to have our very own chocolate kitchen at home, here in the beautiful market town of Pocklington at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds.  We’ve converted our double garage to a professional standard kitchen, especially for making all our chocolates.  We definitely don’t miss commuting to and from work in rush hour traffic to our previous jobs!

Everything chocolatey takes place in our purpose-built kitchen and we’re proud to say that it’s all handmade by us.  We freshly grind our spices in the pestle and mortar just before using them and we chop and soak dried fruit in liqueurs and spirits, ready for using in fillings in our chocolates.  Our Yorkshire Honeycomb is made in small batches on our hob using local honey from just outside Pocklington, allowing the delicious honey flavour to come through.  We also use our hob for toasting nuts and caramelising sugar to make two different pralines – a traditional hazelnut praline and a more unusual cardamom and pistachio praline.

Yorkshire honeycomb chocolate

The chocolate is melted and tempered by us, ready for whatever comes next.  It can be used in moulds, for example bars or the butterflies that decorate them, hand piped into lollipops, mixed into fresh cream to form a ganache and piped into truffles, or used to enrobe chocolates – each one is individually dipped by hand.  We recently bought a tempering machine which means we’ve been able to scale up our chocolate production as we can now melt and temper more chocolate in one go compared to using our small bain marie.  This has made it a lot easier to keep up with demand!

Dipping handmade chocolates

Once made, everything is packaged up and labelled, ready to be sold at an event, delivered to a shop or business or directly to a customer via our online shop.  If you’d like any handmade chocolates then do have a look at our online shop or events listings.  Or do send us a message if you’d like a chat about something more bespoke to meet your needs.